Welcome to the Southern Weyr
Current Season: Spring
What a Hatching! All dragonets were successfully Impressed
Can you believe someone would try to kill the Weyrwoman?!
What's with all the mutations? We need to INVESTIGATE!
Are the rumors about firelizard Eggs true?
Accepting applications for dragonriders, crafters, and Candidates alike!

News, Announcements, and Rules

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No New Posts News and Announcements

Important updates pertaining to the site will be posted in here.

6 6 Weyr News
by Phly
Jun 23, 2009 13:43:03 GMT -6
No New Posts Rules

Both in-character and out-of-character rules will be posted in here. Amendments to these rules will certainly be made from time to time, so check back regularly.

2 2 In Character Conduct
by Phly
Mar 3, 2009 23:54:15 GMT -6


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No New Posts Current Contests

All of our current contests will be placed have all of their information and posting threads in here.

2 8 Submissions
by Kabohela
Mar 8, 2009 21:13:43 GMT -6
No New Posts Past Contests

After all the winning is over and done with, our old contests will be moved to this forum...To get them out of the way. XD

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Out of Character

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No New Posts General Discussion

Feel free to talk about anything in here. Keep it PG-13, please.

Sub-boards: The Great Debate Hall, Leave of Absense

6 27 Hello
by ddddyyyy
Jul 22, 2009 0:30:32 GMT -6
No New Posts Record Hall

Looking for information about the Southern Weyr? About Pern? Look no further!

Sub-boards: Southern Weyr 411, Dragonriders of Pern Information

11 11 On Weyrlings
by Phly
Mar 31, 2009 19:25:49 GMT -6
No New Posts The Ad Shack

Want to post an advertisement for another RPG board? Here's the place to do it. Guest posting enabled. FOLLOW OUR RULES.

Sub-boards: Affiliation, Advertisements

50 61 Solaria Weyr :: Canon Pern
by Solaria Guest
Sept 1, 2014 7:59:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Character Application

Ready to post up that super slick character application? Do it here!

Sub-board: Works in Progress

7 15 Journeyman Harper Taminy (WIP)
by dragoncharm
Mar 15, 2009 13:13:03 GMT -6
No New Posts Approved Works

Here you'll find all the approved applications for each character being played on this board.

Sub-boards: Leaders, Dragonriders, Weyrfolk, Wherhandlers, Weyrlings, Wherlings, Candidates, Other Characters

33 82 NPC Searchrider D'ro of Blue Muroth
by ddddyyyy
Sept 7, 2009 20:40:15 GMT -6
No New Posts Staff Cave

Hidden lair of the Staff-type persons. Complete with fancy gizmos, a bar, a bunch of secret stuff and of course the awsome staff mobile

4 11

Southern Weyr

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No New Posts Fire Hights

Waaay up here you'll find the Fire Hights, where the Southern Weyr's Star Stones are located. Off duty dragons, and often their riders, find themselves loafing around up here. The Watchdragon's up here too.

1 1 Sun bathing (Open)
by dotta
Mar 31, 2009 19:24:51 GMT -6
No New Posts Weyr Bowl

Unlike traditional Weyrs from the North, the Southern Weyr's "Bowl," for lack of a better word, is a large open expansion that leads into the entrance of the Weyr at the base of the Weyr's plateau mountain base.

Sub-boards: Weyr Lake, Weyrling Barrakcs, Gather Square

7 40 Night waters... (open)
by shadowreine
Apr 28, 2009 21:07:01 GMT -6
No New Posts The Sky

Here is where Threadfall, Mating Flights, and all fun flying related threads will happen. Your dragon and firelizards will greatly enjoy the wide open spaces below Rukbat.

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No New Posts Hatching Grounds

Here in this massive sub-cavern of the Southern Weyr will be home to a Clutch of Eggs produced by the Queens of the South.

Sub-board: Official Clutch, Touching, Hatching Threads

4 105 One Egg, Two Eggs, My Eggs Your Eggs (PLOT OPEN)
by ddddyyyy
Aug 7, 2009 1:10:58 GMT -6
No New Posts Beachfront

The beachfront is located at the base of the Weyr. Inhabitants without a dragon chauffeur have to take an almost two mile hike down hill to reach the sandy drop off of the beach. Be careful! The depth drops quickly here!

3 45 A Hunting We Will Go (ATTN WEYRLINGS/PLOT)
by Kabohela
Apr 11, 2009 21:17:11 GMT -6
No New Posts The Wher Catacombs

Deep inside the wher is a labrynth of space carved into the heart of the Southern Weyr is the Wher Den. A sprawling maze of tunnels and alcoves make up the large area designated for the wherhandlers and their beasts. Complete with their own specifically designed Hatching Grounds, it's no wonder that the wherhandler's spend more time here than they do outside.

Sub-boards: Wher Hatching Cavern, Wherhandler Chambers, Wherling Alcoves

2 6 On The Run [attn Males]
by Velcro
Apr 20, 2009 22:06:38 GMT -6
No New Posts Individual Weyrs

Moving right on up and located a single floor above the Lower Caverns start the weyrs of the Southern dragonriders. Unlike typical Weyrs, those living quarters afforded to the Weyrwomen, along with a chamber for mating flights, is located at the very top, right where the mountain base meets the Weyrbowl.

Sub-boards: Weyrwomens' Quarters, Council Room

1 5 A Gift of Fire Lizard Eggs
by Khay
Apr 11, 2009 17:10:22 GMT -6
No New Posts The Lower Caverns

Like most proper Weyrs, the Southern has a created a large expansion inside the plateau for those residents who aren't riders. Along with the living area, the Grand Dining Hall and the much smaller eating areas, the kitchens, and the infirmary are located here.

Sub-boards: Dinning Halls, The Infirmary, Weyrfolk Quarters, Candidate Barracks

7 46 So many people... (open)
by shadowreine
Apr 17, 2009 21:33:19 GMT -6

Other Places in the South

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No New Posts The Forests

This tropical escape is a lush, grubbed area about a quarter of a day's walk from the Southern Weyr. Most Weyrfolk will find themselves here if they're bored with the lake and beach (although there is beach access here) of the Southern Weyr. Be careful! The mosquitoes are killers!

1 1 Wandering Brothers
by cerise
Mar 8, 2009 22:01:45 GMT -6
No New Posts The Landing Site

Here lies the original landing site of those brave colonists. Now, little remains after the meteor shower, forever destroying AIVAS before it could even be utilized. Still, it's quite a tourist attraction and who knows what interesting secrets this place holds...

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No New Posts The Plains

Located waaay inland are the South's geat plains. Miles upon miles of grubbed grass lands extend as far as the eye can see in any one direction. Massive herds of herdbeasts and wherries fight for territory and for their lives against packs of wild felines.

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No New Posts Mount Faranth

Exploding off of the flatlands of the Southern Weyr's western coast is Mount Faranth. There appears to be a crater opening here, but no evidence that this mountain is anything but a mountain. The scenery is quite a romantic spot and it's scenic location smack dab in between the Southern Weyr and Southern Hold makes Mount Faranth a great place to take a date...if you've got a ride!

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No New Posts Raiders Cove

There is rumored to be a strange band of folk living on a small island just off the coast of the Southern Continent. Are these people Shunned? Renegades? Or is the rumor of people living on this small, almost uninhabitable stretch of land just that - a rumor?

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Southern Hold

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No New Posts Lord Holder Mansion

The Lord and Lady Holder of the Southern Hold created for themselves a massive home in which they could conduct their Hold business and private affairs.

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No New Posts Meeting Hall

Whenever needed, the Lord Holders have their Hold meetings here. Often, Holdfolk take advantage of this great meeting area to gather for events they deem special or important when there isn't a Gather.

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No New Posts Gather Square

Here is where the Southern Hold has their own Gathers apart from the Weyr they're beHolden to.

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No New Posts Trader's Row

Along down this long, wide lane various shops, stalls, and stands are constantly in business. At any time of the day or night, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

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The Joint Crafthalls of the South

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No New Posts Main Hall

The Joint Crafthalls all come together at the bottom of this stone tower. Inside are the living quarters for the several thousand inhabitants of the Halls.

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No New Posts Harper Hall

A branch off the main Harper Hall in the North, the Southern Master Harper resides, teaches, and conducts business in this "point" off of the Tower.

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No New Posts Healer Hall

The Healer Hall has also elected to set up a branch in the Joint Crafthall on the Southern Continent. Another point off of the Main Tower allows for the teaching and nurturing of future Healers.

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No New Posts Smith Crafthall

Although their point is somewhat smaller than the Healer or Harper Hall, the Smith Craft also has a point off of the great Tower where their apprentices, journeymen, and masters practice their craft.

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No New Posts Beastcraft, Tanner, and Weaver Halls

In this long, wide "point" houses not only a large stable, animal pen, and veterinary area, but also tnhe Southern branches of the Beastcraft, Tanner, and Weaver Hall.

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No New Posts Other Halls

While most Craft Halls wanted a part of the South, those located inside this point were not as keen on distributing forces from the North South. Here houses all other Craft Halls.

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Northern Continent

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Northern Weyrs

All the Northern Weyrs will be played at under this forum. There won't be specific Weyr sub boards, so post the Weyr you're at in the thread topic!

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No New Posts Northern Holds

The threads being played out at particular Northern Holds will be placed here. There will be no set sub boards for the different Holds, so place the Hold you're RPing at in the topic title.

2 6 The Hearts of Many (PLOT/CLOSED)
by Phly
Mar 15, 2009 14:55:16 GMT -6
No New Posts Northern Craft Halls

All the Northern Craft Hall threads will be played in here. There will not be any sub boards listing the Northern Halls, so specify which your character is at in the thread title.

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